I recently moved into my 3rd house (two in MA and one in NH) so I’ve used several handymen in all different areas and Marcio is head and shoulders above the rest. Marcio has been to my house five times in the last month and for each visit he’s been right on time, extremely polite, and he’s always worn his mask while working to be respectful my elderly mother’s Covid concerns.
Marcio’s work is above average quality. You can tell he takes pride in his work and wants whatever he’s doing to look as good as it can possibly be. In addition to above quality work I’m also amazed at how quickly Marcio works. He charges by the hour and his price is an absolute steal for how much he is able to get done each hour (e.g. in one of his visits he mounted seven flat screen TV’s for us in three hours!!!) so the value you get with him is through the roof and you feel like your hard earned money is well spent.
No job is too big or too small for Marcio – here are some of the things he’s helped us with so far: mounted the aforementioned seven TV’s (two 70 inch, and four 55 inch, and one 32 inch) and hid all the wires behind the each of the walls for a much cleaner/aesthetically pleasing look. Fixed a bi-fold closet that came off the hinge by installing a wood piece to make the door a little taller so it would fit. Installed a new bi-fold closet which was actually an inch too tall because Home Depot didn’t have the exact measurement of door that Marcio asked me to get. But no worries because he was able to fix that by using his circular saw machine to shave off an inch from the Veranda closet door to make it fit perfectly. Fixed one of my doors that wouldn’t stay closed because the latch wouldn’t stay into latch passage so he readjusted the door knob parts and now the door closes perfectly. Installed a toilet paper holder. Installed our mailbox. Installed additional railings to make it easier for my mom to get up to the 2nd floor. The big left front burner on my kitchen stove wasn’t working and Marcio knew the right appliance store to call to quickly and cheaply order the part for my 2010 Kitchenaid stove and fixed that. Without even asking he tightened all the loose handles on all our cabinets. And finally, one of our sliding shower doors was loose so every time someone took a shower water was seeping through and getting all over the floor. Marcio disassembled the whole sliding door unit, reapplied what I think was silicone caulk, reassembled/tightened the sliding doors, and now there isn’t a drop of water anywhere – my mom was absolutely thrilled!
Very long story short, Marcio does superior work, he does it fast, and he charges a very fair price that is lower than what I’ve seen with the several other handymen I’ve used in the past. And just as, if not importantly = Marcio is a good man. Good people are hard to find these days and he is one of the very few. Marcio I hope you can continue being a handyman for the next 30 years because if so then I’ve found my handyman for the next 30 years. Thank you for all your help so far in making my new house feel like a home and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

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